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Yoga Teacher. Who, me? (how to teach what you learned)

Daniel Dimanche octobre 27, 2019

Yoga Teacher?

It is more than a profession, it is a mission.

I recently came across a long-time friend while attending the Lole White Tour in Montreal.
We first met while I was a volunteer at the Can Fit Pro Annual event. For the purpose of respecting her anonymity, I will call her Brenda.

Brenda is in super physical, mental and emotional fit. With all the fitness certification she took the past 20 years, she is a well balanced human being that has her life priorities in order. Family comes first, responsibility comes after and helping others in general is always a priority. She got that from her mom, the way she was brought up.

When she gave me news about herself, she basically said to me that she wanted to become a personal coach for people who need to learn how to take care of themselves.

I responded to her with a question
- What are you waiting for?
She has the diplomas, a wall full of them and she is a good communicator.

She then told me that
- I am missing a yoga certification to be able to work in a wellness center or a gym.

While that statement is not false, I responded with this answer

- Take my teacher training then. I don’t teach big groups, I follow the original way of transmitting the yoga knowledge, I teach people on a one to one basis. Or at least I do take two or three students at the time, no more.

If you know someone who would like to take my personalised teacher training program, I teach mostly in French and use written material in English, here is what you would learn.

Become a Certified Yoga Teacher (TTC)

It is the last time I will offer this TTC as the Yoga Alliance is changing the criteria’s after that.

Yoga Teacher Training Course (200 hours)

More than a profession, it is my mission.

Here is what is aimed and taught by YogaPartout's Teacher Training

This text bellow is inspired by Padma Yoga info located on the Federation Francophone de Yoga. The words used by Padma Yoga are in line with what the essence of what an authentic yoga teacher should be all about. Then, the thinking is personalized as no one yoga teacher is the same. By personalised it means that additional thinking is communicated here so that the readers does not get the impression one reads a plagiarized text. Tks to your inspirational thoughts Padma Yoga.

A Yoga Teacher Training Course is the beginning or the continuity of an authentic personal research. Some will call it Spiritual. Others will call it a Life’s Path. Like I say often, we can not teach what we don’t practice. It gives us the means to practice regularly and receive the fundamental teaching of the millennium tradition. In fact, when researching the origins of yoga, it is difficult to establish for sure where it comes from and when it was borned. Some will take a TTC for their personal growth while others will want to transmit this art of wisdom.

To teach yoga allows up to deepen our own practice. Therefore, our perceptions and understanding about life transforms invariably.

 Food for thought

If you don’t want to change, then do not practice yoga, do not teach it

Quality Yoga Teaching open doors toward inner wisdom, gives instruments to live an authentic life that has a meaning and put into action the necessary knowledge to become a good teacher.

Remember what has the most impact, it is the quality of what is being transmitted and the student’s quality as well. You are therefore asked for a serious and real commitment. Every student must do daily work to practice, learn, research, read and off course think about the true sense of Yoga in your personal life. That is Yoga. An experience that goes well beyond stretching postures.

To take part of a Yoga Teach Training Course, one must remember that you are alone to practice and therefore you need to have a strong personal code of ethics as you need to persevere in time. In fact, this commitment and this regularity allows you to integrate in your daily routine the yoga teaching you receive all along.

In this Yoga TTC, students will learn the basics in theory and deepen the practice by experiencing what it is.

This Yoga TTC covers a broad range of subjects. It is not limited since the trainer, Daniel, adapts the teaching according to the student’s already acquired knowledge. Having said that, here is a list of manuals students will need to get in order to follow the training.

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