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Daniel Mercredi janvier 6, 2021

When will the number will be right?

For those who ask what are the number of subscribers we serve

Here is a little bit of light to help you out

In life, if I base my self unto How many this, how many that, I get only what I'm asking: numbers. Yet, how about those who don't count how many user read such and such article. How may members do you have here, in this corner of the internet? etc it is a never ending question that can not find real satisfaction.

I published previously some screen captures. Here again.

On YouTube (screen capture taken as per the picture says bellow)


Google is pretty hot

On Google Ads (screen capture showing their thanks to me!

On one hand they say thank you for the time I spent on their ecosystem. On the other hand, what does it say to you? What does it say about privacy, user confidentiality? How can we be judged by a set of numbers?


Google says...

Again, on a scale of one to ten, what is the importance do you attach to statistics? Avec la question: Dans votre vie, sur une note de 1 a 10, quelle est l'importance que vous apportez aux statistiques?


Pot of gold

If I placed my pot of gold above this article, it is for one reason. People are attached to money.

Being a millionaire counts for what?

Here is a proof of concept.

Our Token on the block chain can always be split between you and I

Except that it's value will remain the same. One million ToshiYog token is always worth the same. It all depends what is the value of it's benchmark brother, its sister or its cousin. Here is what I mean. Copy past this hash url any where on your... google browser and you will find that I'm the new kid on the block (trying to play with words here :-).

Voici notre hash

( or simply click on this url ) and you will see what I mean. In fact, they are so attached to money that they have become slaves.

Yes, we do need money to keep breathing in today's age. Litterally, if I did not have money, I could not write these lines. Yet, is more of it makes you a bette person? No. Is less making you feel miserable? May be. The question then is what is the purpose of statistics if, on the other hand it is not possible to speak to real human beings when it comes time to really meet?

What about the multilingual wish - Eight languages?

Follow these little arrows :-)

What if the eight languages we are in the process of translating is completed?
Interresting links

Here are some interesting links for you to continue your journey in English if you want to. And no, this web site is not fully translated. The multilingual web site is available on this web site: And no further investment in translation will be don until the right time comes. Please be patient

In conclusion

In conclusion I will say to defend my self that this web site rocks, no matter what you think. It is an outside-in type of solution for those well-being start-ups who wish to re-orient their KPI's. More on this later.

Wishing you the best

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