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Interview on BTR

Suggested title: yoga en francais

YogaPartout (pronounced: Parr Too) dot com: Yoga en français. An Afternoon with Daniel Gauthier from French Canada
Daniel Gauthier's official web site launch about Yoga (Yoga Partout means Yoga Everywhere) is a collaborative CMS Groupware. It is a wiki plateform where everyone is welcomed to add their two cents.

Suggested music to be heard

5. Composed and created specifically for this yoga project, THE spiritual healer musician Daniel Perret created seven pieces of music. This one is dedicated to Awakenings Radio show Michel Meiche and all the listeners.

Chakra Gorge - le dedans devient le dehors & vice versa

Pick up this piece of music by copy/paste the code bellow

A gift to any one landing here. Simply copy this line on your preferate media player. Peace and blessings


Daniel is a symbol analyst (see bellow in interesting links about definition). Many listeners and Michele too is a symbol analyst as per the author Robert Reich.
In a short explanation, a symbol analyst is someone who masters more than two fields of expertise. Daniel makes a film, using internet technology and his film is about yoga.

  • Daniel studied film production when he was 19
  • Daniel holds some university education in administration/ marketing (certificate HEC)
  • Daniel completed a College diploma in Information Technology as a system analyst
  • Daniel is a certified Yoga Alliance teacher
  • Daniel speaks more than two languages (Hablà espanol!
  • Daniel has passed several tests to see if he is normal (people around him had doubts about his learning capabilities) and it turns out that his IQ is above average
  • Daniel is a multi diciplinary person. Learns fast... forgets fast

AND, Daniel is a very poor in math and logic (one has to be true about himself and portray reality of the three worlds).

  • Daniel continues his studies in yoga with a master in India (Hooray for Skype!) in Jnana yoga
  • Daniel meditates and learned psychic healing and considers Bob Moore as his second real master (first one is always the mother, isn't it!)

Most proud of

Images and things we can talk about

The use of Facebook other than chatting, playing and do a lot without accomplishing anything. See splash screen


Symbolic example of an article I published

In my own opinion (IMOO): One nice eNewsletter I wrote

I maintain a newsletter for those who were interviewed on camera: Between me and those I met in person:

How did it begin?

For BTR's interview purpose, it all began in 2008, when his mother passed away on July second. Daniel inherited his mother's trait of characters (not to be afraid any more... or almost). Daniel felt his calling: Coming out of the closet... in regards to spiritualily.

In truth, when did it really begin?

Daniel's spiritual path began early in age.
Here is his spiritual resume in French
Here is the [|BabelFish translation]!

A film about Yoga

The day his mother passed on the other side is the same day that Daniel started to teach yoga. His first *Class*. He was not going to cancel the scheduled course, he was going to offer it to his mom.

Then what?

Not quitting his full time job, he became more absorbed in creating a space where spirituality for him and others could grow further.
Then came about the idea of *not wishing any more anything* from that moment on.
Daniel wrote and meditated. After a lot of thinking... about his life about his so often failures to complete and make a real difference in the three worlds, Daniel came up with a re-newed mission for himself. To produce, to write, to make the film he was unable to do when he was younger. He wrote and published his film synopsis in May of 2009 (roughley translated. It's like a Desiderata for him. He wished it so much that it took shape and became the beginning of a web TV broadcast.

Then where is your next destination

Daniel's next destination is New Orleans at the Swan River Yoga Mid City studio. Daniel spoke over the telephone with them and he senses it is worth travelling all the way up to mid-USA from Montreal to go and meet and interview people out there.

Daniel's theory is that when Yogananda travelled from Boston (we have records of this, in writing) to California, he may have stopped and do a *short stay* in New Orleans (we have no records of this. This is an hypothesis).

Examples of a failed attempts

While progressing in doing this documentary, Daniel found a lot of closed doors and deception from people who said they would help.
The launch of his web site was reported three times.

(Question: Many people watched the clip and reported this: When Daniel greets the Swami into the room (Daniel is facing back the camera), Daniel goes with a: OOOF!. Many people have reported to feel a chill in their spine go up to Ajna cakra. Do you feel the same?)
OUTCOME of this failed exercise
Going to New Orleans as I found a yoga teacher who is willing to help me do continue searching for the origins of yoga. Then I'll be heading to the Yogananda Ashram in California.

Now that the web site is launched, what's next?

Daniel would like to invite Awakenings Radio's listener to play a game.

What is the *spiritual game* does Daniel wants to invite listeners to play?

Here it is one of the many synchronistic story Daniel has experienced since he came out of the closet.

Let's play

See in French the same will be prepared before May 25th show in English

Books Daniel read and re-read

In French

Other notes for Daniel to remember

Well, one is never too prepared for a radio show. Yet, we prefer to rely on spirit and intuition

Interesting links


Watch this YouTube

Integral Yoga

To all Awakenings radio listener
Michele, see the yoga interview (in english in the middle of the clip) and more specifically the "WOOFFF" I pronounce when that Swami enters the room. Afterward tell me if you feel something. I did, BIG time. This man was simply *glowing harmony*:
Here is the video clip

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