*Chocolate * Yoga


To go deep into "emptiness" is sometimes beneficial. To experiment, to live something new is important. To create is of the utmost importance. This puts us in contact with the present moment.

Who said that "yogis" must let go of their Ego?
As far as I am concerned, I take care of my Ego. The Ego must be at our service ;-)

Here are some photos taken after the class. Thank you so much Lululemon in Pointe-Claire for the invitation. Specially thank you to have accepted to do something different.

So, without further due, here are some of the pictures:

1) First of all, the "official" photo.




2) Sometimes, we have to "let go"! It is now official, if I could endorse chocolate, I would... and I am :-)



3) OK, I know, a teacher shoud observe, coache the group, not do the asana at the same time than the others. Therefore, you will have to trust me that I did indeed walked around the room to do just that: Be there for them and share the wisdom of tasting different flavours of chocolate.



4) Sun salutation


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