April, 22nd, 2007

Testimonial from Daniel Gauthier about Bob Moore

I met Bob Moore for the first time on May 4th, 1978 in Montreal, Canada when my mother interviewed him on the radio while he visited for the first time. I was 22, going on 23 and unaware that this man would change the course of my life.

My mother used to work on the radio as an afternoon host. She talked about popular subjects such as relationships, love, secrets, human help, guilt (her favorite theme), and so on. She called me that week to say that I had to meet this man who was a healer from Europe visiting Montreal to give seminars.My appointment was set for an afternoon and I had no clue whatsoever what I was going to meet him for. After shaking my hands with both of his to welcome me, I went to sit down. The curtains were down so that the sun did not shine in. He got right down to the point by asking me what did I had to my left side of the head (supposedly the left ear, that is) when I was an infant. What happened to me then? I was astounded to say the least. How could a man I had never met before knew that I had had multiple ear infections when I was an infant and that the doctors declared that I would most likely end up deaf in adulthood! I learned later on as I studied occult sciences he could sense, see that the energy field, the aura around people to a very refined degree. He could also see the polarity points, the chakras. With these refined qualities, he could see where people’s imbalances were located and re-establish a certain balance in people. This is how Bob worked on me for the first time. Then, the next Saturday, I went to his course given in a school amphitheatre (see picture bellow). In his first class I attended he began talking about meditation, colours and sounds, charkras and psychic development. The first drawing he did on the blackboard explained how was the human body constructed in a “psychic way”. He showed a man with a big circle over his head with the following layers

Since then, I have continued to do Bob’s exercises and stopped doing transcendental meditation. He told me one thing that made me “shift” my belief system: "Daniel, the beauty with the exercises I’m showing (teaching to all of us) is that you can do them on your own. You do not need to follow a guru or anyone else for that matter to continue progressing!" The second time he came to Montreal, my encounter on a one to one basis was more serious and to the point: He revealed things about myself that I can not talk about here. Two years ago (2005) I called their home (Annie and Bob that is) to get some news about them. Annie answered. She said to me, in short: We have retired. We're growing old! We're OK. It sufficed me to hear her voice. In closing, I want to add something:
I discovered this web site about Bob Moore in April 2007.

The night I read news about this group of people who wish to continue what Bob has done gave me a feeling of warmth and the sensation that I'm not alone. I'm so glad to see that this group gathers every year in Denmark on a regular basis.

Thank you Bob for opening my eyes and allowing me to be a better person. If you've read this testimonial, I'd appreciate a comment email.

Please take a moment to write at: gauthier.daniel@gmail.com


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