Good day Swami Vidyananda

We will record on November 3rd, 2012 and I will attempt to call you or have a connection made via Skype.

Here is the Set Time and Date to confirm our meeting.

Here is the link to go for the interview:

We will do the recording via SKYPE

No more telephone to call

Everything will be done through Skype

so please "have Mother Picture" behind your wall like you did the last time.

 Questions for the radio interview

1. Where are you calling from (D'où nous téléphonez-vous?)

2. Describe your spiritual path (Décrivez votre parcours spirituel)

3. Tell us about your encounter with *Mother* (Comment avez vous rencontré la mère, étudiante de la lignée d'Aurobindo)

4. Your also a Swami in the Saraswati lineage? (Vous êtes aussi Swami de la lignée Saraswati? )

5. Tell us about the yoga teacher training your asharams are offering. (Parlez-nous des formations de professeurs?)

6. You created an international yoga alliance? (Vous avez créé une alliance internationale?)

7. Please, tell us one of your Bhagavad Gîta or any sacred hindu text passage you particularly cherish? (Votre passage de la Bhagavad Gîta préféré?)

8. In closing, do you have a wish, a prayer, a message to communicate to all who are listening to this interview? (En terminant, vous avez un souhait, un message à formuler aux personnes qui écoutent cette entrevue?

Note: During the interview, I will mention your main web site.

I need the URL for the YogaPartout Web site on your web site.



It would also be appreciated if you could on your side create a page where the YogaPartout logo and radio interview will be placed.